Pam Fowler Grace
How to Host a Clinic

"The only way a horse can be brilliant is if he works because he wants to" - Pam.

Pam offers both Traditional and Western Dressage Clinics for riders who want to further develop their skills and the bond they share with their horse. You do not have to be a show rider to benefit from the concepts taught during the clincs. Dressage is a discipline that can benefit any horse and rider by promoting balanced physical movement and flexibility and by teaching riders the proper seat on their horse. Pam credits her success to her knowledge and belief that horses want to be treated with kindness and respect. She believes that a person can create a "positive snowball effect" with a horse by earning their trust and focusing on success. Helping a horse build their self-esteem makes them want to work harder and do more and pretty soon, with kindness and praise, they grow to become big beautiful shining stars. Pam is intuitive when it comes to the horses, knowing what each horse requires to accomplish the task, while keeping them interested and eager to please. It is this positive philosophy she brings to her training, students and clinics.

Hosting a Clinic is easy, just give Pam a call and you are on your way!
  1. Call Pam to schedule a date 281.785.6498 (cell) or 979.992.3803 (home) - please no calls after 8:00pm CST.
  2. Spread the Word - Tell your riding friends, post a notice at your stable, publish notices online and send out information via email.

You can book a clinic for either traditional or western dressage or both! The clinic must have 6 riders minimum and 8 maximum for each day. These should be booked back to back with a 30 minute break for lunch. Rides are $100 each which you can mark up to the participants to distribute any additional cost involved.

You are responsible for Pam's travel cost, food and lodging. If your location is within a 3 hour drive of the Houston metroplex area, Pam will drive to your location. If you are further or out of state, air travel will be required, round-trip from Houston Intercontinental airport.

Give Pam a call to schedule a clinic in your area!

281. 785. 6498

email: please inc'l phone # in email

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